General guidelines

17. jaanuar 17

Time and Place: 10-12 February 2017 Otepää and Kääriku, Valgamaa, Estonia

General introduction: Winter Company Sport Games 2017 gives a perfect opportunity to spend an active weekend with your colleagues. In addition to the classic winter sports there are some unique activities like horse sleigh ride, 100m ski sprint or funny rubber boot hockey for teams. Since 2005 over 100 companies from all over Estonia have participated in Estonian Winter Company Sport Games.

We can assure you that the enthusiasm you get from participating on these games does not end with the afterparty, it will keep motivating you also when back at work. When words are not enough, you can check out the movie from 2014 HERE.

For companies/teams there are following 19 events giving points: 

  • 100m ski sprint
  • Downhill skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sprint on wooden skis
  • Quiz show
  • Power ride on skis
  • Disc golf
  • Winter volleyball
  • Winter football
  • Rubber boot hockey
  • Ice fishing
  • Winter swimming for Stihl prizes
  • Biathlon
  • Horse sleigh riding
  • Sprint on Tehvandi rise
  • Snow-run in flippers for SportID prizes
  • Skating
  • Winter rogaining
  • Skiing on Tartu Maraton course
  • Combined events for the heads of the companies

PS! Two best scores from volleyball, soccer and rubber boot hockey will count.

Determination of ranking:  In every event the points are given according to the general regulations of Estonian Federation for Company Sports.

Abstract: Scoring

The points for the ranking (I – 50 points; II – 45; III – 40; 4.- 36; 5. – 32; 6. – 29; 7. – 26; 8. – 24; 9. – 22; 10. – 21; 11. – 20; one down until 30. -1; every next place – 1 point) and the coefficient of the popularity of the event are multiplied to get the points of the chart.

In case of sharing places, the ranking points are summed up and divided equally between the contestants.


1-10 participants – 1.0; 11-20 participants – 1.2; 21-30 participants – 1.4; 31-40 participants – 1.6; 41-50 participants – 1.8; 51-… participants – 2.0;

Points of the chart are given both in individual and in team events.

Ranking system of an event is provided in the event regulation. In every team event, only the best team will bring points to the company. Other teams of the same company will not hold the points of the ranking.

Participants: All the company employees, their family members and friends can participate in the Winter Company Sport Games 2017 as regulated in the general regulations of Estonian Federation for Company Sports.

Abstract: Participants

  • The employees of one company (have to have a contract) can participate in the events without numerical limitation and the skill level of the sports is not of issue.
  • The family members of an employee can compete for the company:
    • In team events the family members are not allowed to belong or in the last two years to have been belonged to any registered team that is competing in the championships of the same or similar sports (football, beach football etc)
    • In individual events the family members who are competing are not allowed to have been participating in the championchips of the same sport in this or in the two previous years.
  • The friends of the employees or the partners or any other persons can be part of company’s team in only ballgame events. Same restrictions as for the family members apply.
  • The regulations for every single event can name extra restrictions or opportunities to involve more participants.
  • According to this regulation family members are
    • husband or partner
    • children
    • grandchildren
    • parents
    • grandparents
    • brothers-sisters

Participation fees: Total price for one person, involves all the sport events and entertainment program

49,5 EUR (with tax) – until 31.12.2016

59,5 EUR (with tax) –  01.01.2017 – 31.01.2017

64,5 EUR (with tax) –  01.02.2017 – 5.02.2017                 

Registration, hotel and catering are confirmed by the prepayment according to the bill sent to you.

Enrollment: To register your company you must write an e-mail to:

For the registration of all the individuals the company representative must fill in the following form (download from here) and send it to by 5. February 2017. Registration form is in Estonian, if you need help with filling it, write to:

The replacement of participants can be done until 5 pm on 3.February by writing to

The final registration to single events is closed at 20:00 in the previous evening.

We ask you to let us know of any changes by writing and in the race office during the games.

Prizes: 5 best companies will be awarded with a trophy. 3 best individual contestants/teams will be awarded with medals, diplomas and prizes from the sponsors. In individual events there are separate age classes. The best company in every sport event that is giving points is awarded with a trophy.   

Schedule: See the schedule in English in the separate file.

The organizers have the right to change the schedule or leave out some of the events if the weather conditions are too bad. The representatives of the companies are notified of all the changes made.

The final schedule is sent to the representatives on 6.02.2017.

General information: All the questions not mentioned in this regulation will be consensually solved by the Program Manager, Secretary General and Head Judge of the event and their decision is final.


Program Manager                

Kunnar Karu                                                



CEO of Estonian Federation for Company Sports

Marti Soosaar